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Who we are
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The "Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility" is a business-driven membership non-profit organization.

Our mission is to promote the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility to both the business community and the social environment, with the overall objective being a balance between profitability and sustainable development.


In May 1994, a group of European Entrepreneurs and business Directors signed the European Declaration of Businesses against Social Exclusion, aimed at finding ways to improve their social responsibility.

As a result of this Declaration, the European Business Network for Social Cohesion was created in 1995.

One of the key objectives of the Network was to support the creation of corresponding National Networks.

In October 1996, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised, in conjunction with the European Network, a conference aimed at presenting the activities of the European Network to major Greek businesses, in order to facilitate an investigation into the possibility of creating a Greek Business Network for Social Cohesion, similar to the European Network.

The event was attended by 18 major Greek and multinational businesses, and European Network representatives.

The 18 companies that took part in the event were:

Cement S.A.– Voxites Parnassou S.A. – Interamerican Ltd. – The National Bank of Greece Ltd. - Levi Strauss Hellas – Viochalko S.A. - Triumph International A.G. – DELTA S.A. – Athenian Brewery S.A.– Giotis S.A. – Hellenic Bottling Company 3 S.A. - Siemens Ltd. – Tasty Foods Ltd. – Softex S.A. – Papadopoulou Biscuits S.A. – FAGE S.A. - Allianz Ltd. – FANCO S.A.

In 1999, a member of the staff of the European Network (EBNSC) took the initiative to create a Network for Greece. In view of this, an event was organised at the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attended by EBNSC representatives, 12 businesses and three business associations (ACCI, HFE and FING). A coordinating committee for the creation of a Hellenic Network was formed as a result.

In November of the same year, thirteen Greek companies, along with the three business associations mentioned above, signed a declaration for the creation of the Hellenic Network for Social Cohesion.

The Charter of the Non-Profit Private Company was submitted to the Athens Court of First Instance on the 15th of June 2000, where it was registered under the number 10147/29.6.2000. The Charter has since been amended twice.

The first charter amendments saw the Networks name changed to “Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (HNCSR).

By decision of the General Assembly of its members on the 27th of November 2002, and after undertaking the required legal actions, the Network changed its legal status to an non-profit Association, which was registered at the Athens Court of First Instance, under the number 24483/9.4.2003, retaining the same name and designation.


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